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Free online football games with FIFA World

FIFA World is a free online version of EA’s popular football simulator. You can create your own club, sign players to your team, and compete in online tournaments to prove you're a football pro.

A simplified Ultimate mode

In FIFA World, you must create your own virtual team and run it. As you play either online or against the "machine", you'll earn experience rewards and coins, both needed to sign up new players. It's basically a game that has been developed in the image and likeness of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, although simplified.

In addition to this mode, with FIFA World you can also lead your squad in Online Seasons. As in the traditional version of FIFA, you’ll start in the last league table (tenth), and you’ll have to beat your opponents to reach the top. The difficulty of each opponent gradually increases as you climb the league tables, of course.

With mouse and keyboard, or gamepad

The FIFA World interface is similar to the one you'll find on FIFA 14: large and well-designed panels that are easy to understand, and if you've never played the Ultimate Team mode on any FIFA, it includes a useful tutorial.

FIFA World controls are very simple: with the mouse, you select where you want the player to aim. With the left button, you make short passes; with the right one, you shoot. With other keys, you can perform certain actions including changing players, or taking the goalkeeper outside his area.

Although it’s quite easy to play with the mouse and keyboard, you get the best gaming experience with a controller. FIFA World supports gamepads, including the Xbox for PC one. If you're using a controller, the right analog stick is used to dribble (you don’t get as many options as in FIFA 14, but it’s quite good).

Don’t expect any technical marvel

Matches on FIFA World online are fluid and with almost no lag. Obviously, the graphics engine is a simplified version of FIFA 14, so even though it's quite good, don’t expect anything too exceptional.

On the other hand, the sound effects are rather poor.

The best free football game

Before you play, you have to be aware that FIFA World is not a state of the art game. Its aim is to show how much fun the Ultimate Team mode from FIFA can be. In fact, if you already have FIFA 14, it doesn’t really make sense to download FIFA World. If you don’t have it and are looking for a free and good quality football game, FIFA World is an excellent choice.


  • Simple and immediate gameplay
  • Works on slower computers
  • Can be played with gamepad
  • Several game modes


  • Sloppy artificial intelligence
  • Very similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode
  • Connection failures for the online mode

Program available in other languages

FIFA World for PC

  • Demo
  • In English
  • 3.7

  • (2247)

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